Why do we STILL have to raise awareness in 2017?

Because of ignorant comments like this that are said by people who have an outdated and harmful view of M.E. So despite the current restrictions of my health, I will be holding another Blue Sunday tea party, when I should perhaps be giving it a miss this year. The writer of those comments is sadlyContinue reading “Why do we STILL have to raise awareness in 2017?”

“Oh you can actually walk.” 

I want to tell you about an experience I had in Mallorca in January this year. We were on one of our wheelchair adventures, on the hunt for a pit stop that involved cake.  A young man was standing outside one tapas bar politely drawing the attention of passers by to his particular eatery. ItContinue reading ““Oh you can actually walk.” “

What to expect when travelling using Special Assistance

I wish I’d had a breakdown of what to expect when getting through an airport before I did it for the first time in January 2016. Of course I had a whole heap of advice from friends who had gone adventuring abroad with the help of Special Assistance. But I’ve written this post for anyone,Continue reading “What to expect when travelling using Special Assistance”