Tea party prep

The baking has started, the tea sets are out of storage and the information leaflets have been printed off. 
If you’d like to follow Blue Sunday on social media, I will be using the hashtags #BlueSunday and #teapartyforME and posting pictures and videos on the Facebook event.
Any donations of the price of a piece of cake and pot of tea in a cafe are very gratefully received. 
I have a JustGiving page if you’d like to make a donation. 

Join the Facebook Event here 

Published by Anna Redshaw

Blogging about life in the slow lane with an invisible, chronic illness. I wasn't always a sick chick so this is somewhat of a life changing experience!

8 thoughts on “Tea party prep

  1. Well done Anna for starting up Blue Sunday tea parties. I’m very sorry you are not so well this year. I too have ME and live in Oakham. I have registered to receive emails about your events and will leave a donation on your fundraising site. I am not familiar with following some social media, but I will see if someone, maybe my brother, can teach me. With very good luck for Sunday. Yours sincerely, Anne Mayo


    1. Hello Anne, You are very welcome to join us this Sunday if your health allows it. This year there will be a small group of sufferers coming – usually I’m the only sufferer. I haven’t broadcast the venue as we can be inundated with people (which is wonderful but just not something I’m well enough for this time.) Let me know.


      1. Dear Anna, Thank you so much for your message and invitation. It would be lovely to meet with others with ME. I am usually OK in the afternoons and early evenings. I hope very much that this fits in with your plans. I can get a train to Stamford and, then, a taxi from there. With very many thanks again for your invitation. I do hope you will be well that day too. Best wishes. Anne Mayo


      2. It would be lovely to have you with us Anne. We will be at Stamford Bridge Club, off Exeter Gardens from 2-4pm on Sunday. Hopefully you’ll recognise me from my photo but I’ll be wearing a white and blue dress and trying not to collapse into a heap haha!!!! There are comfy chairs – I checked earlier this week!


      3. Dear Anna, Thank you very much for the information regarding Blue Sunday Tea Party in Stamford. I have found Exeter Gardens on a map and will ring to find out the train times, taxis etc. tomorrow. I like the sound of comfy chairs ! With many thanks again. I look forward to meeting you on Sunday.


      4. Dear Anna, I’m so sorry, but it turns out I won’t be with you today. I’m just not up to it. I do hope you have a wonderful afternoon. The weather seems to be turning out for you, which is great. With many thanks for your very kind invitation. I’m so sorry I can’t be with you. With all best wishes. Anne Mayo


      5. There’s no need to apologise Anne. I know only too well how these things happen (regularly!) We will be having another tea party next year to raise awareness and money and I will update the blog with all the information beforehand. Hope today is kinder to you.


      6. Dear Anna, Thank you very much for your message. I hope you had a wonderfully successful afternoon. Today, I’m much better than I was yesterday, but, I’ve still had to spend the day resting. Wow, if I’d known when I was younger how I was going to have to learn to rest maybe I would have taken some avoiding action. I never rested when I was younger ! With best wishes to you. I’ll see you next year instead !


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