The grand total for Blue Sunday 2023 is…

I hope you’re sitting down for this. You probably are…illhealth and all! Blue Sunday 2023 has raised £36,660.31 for ME/CFS across the world. £36,660.31! That is a phenomenal amount of money. But when you consider the people who have raised it, it becomes even more astounding. People have taken the opportunity to donate to ME/CFSContinue reading “The grand total for Blue Sunday 2023 is…”

It’s Blue Sunday 2023!

Happy Blue Sunday 2023! Hello to those in New Zealand, Australia, and Japan who will be kicking off Blue Sunday way before those of us here in the U.K.! Whether you’re spending today by yourself, on video calls, or with visitors, I hope you will feel a part of the wonderful ME/CFS community. I willContinue reading “It’s Blue Sunday 2023!”

Join me on 14th May for the 10th anniversary of Blue Sunday

My name is Anna Redshaw and I created an accessible fundraising event in 2013 for people living with the stigmatised and misunderstood illness Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E. often referred to as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). This year will mark ten years since its creation. To me, Blue Sunday shows the immense strength one can get from community, inContinue reading “Join me on 14th May for the 10th anniversary of Blue Sunday”