A reminder to you

No amount of willpower or positive thinking will rectify the faulty ATP production within your body. No amount of wishful thinking will suddenly see your likely-mitochondria-failure reversed. Please don’t let flippant remarks by others, or by articles written by those outside this community, about how they don’t let M.E. beat them, or how they don’tContinue reading “A reminder to you”

Education & Employment – Guest post by Pippa Stacey

It’s an honour to share the words of ‘Our Pippa’ on M.E. myself and I today. While I have no experience of the education system or employment whilst chronically ill, Our Pippa does and she has worked incredibly hard to share those experiences with us. For anyone about to start Higher Education or contemplating thatContinue reading “Education & Employment – Guest post by Pippa Stacey”

M.E. myself and him – Part 4

Misconceptions Something that has always irritated me is the assumption that my chronically ill little life only became a happy one after entering into a relationship with Mr Tree Surgeon. Not only that, people would state that my progress was down to his love and support, and the happiness he’d brought into my life. Hand-in-handContinue reading “M.E. myself and him – Part 4”