“You just need to de-stress Darling!”

People like me are often told to remove stress from their lives in order to allow the body to reach the optimal state within which to heal. Cool. Seems straightforward. And it’s absolutely right. But a lot of the people suggesting this don’t have bills to pay, mouths to feed, or responsibilities beyond their ownContinue reading ““You just need to de-stress Darling!””

New members of the club no-one wants to join

Hi I’m Anna, I’m 31 and in September 2010 I got a virus and I never got better. I was diagnosed with ME/CFS not long after. It’s been a completely life changing experience. My life goals are now along the lines of wanting to get to the point of being able to shower daily, toContinue reading “New members of the club no-one wants to join”

All things Adult Social Care

I am often asked about how I came to have a Personal Assistant and so I thought I’d share it here. I didn’t need external help until I moved in with Mr Tree Surgeon. When I lived at home, I was cared for by my parents, and my siblings would take shifts at Anna-sitting ifContinue reading “All things Adult Social Care”