Back to ‘normal’ (very reluctantly)

No one has really seen me since I relapsed because we’ve been in lockdown, so they don’t have any real concept of how the relapse has affected me other than through what I have shared online. So with restrictions easing I face explaining to them that lockdown might have eased but my symptoms have not.Continue reading “Back to ‘normal’ (very reluctantly)”

What ‘Blue Sunday’ means to people with M.E.

Every year, about this time, I start to get a little bit uncomfortable ahead of the Tea Party For M.E. I think it’s because it feels close to self-promotion in a way. “Join in with this charity event that I created!” I know the fundraising event is a wonderful thing. I know it is. IContinue reading “What ‘Blue Sunday’ means to people with M.E.”

M.E. myself and this little community of ours

I don’t think I will ever be able to articulate how much of a difference this community makes to my poorly little life. I’m just sharing a little bit about life in the slow lane and the thoughts and wonderings that come with that. And hoping you’ll come to my little tea party, and thatContinue reading “M.E. myself and this little community of ours”