Striving for inclusion

You might have to humour me for a little bit longer. It’s taking quite awhile to process what Blue Sunday has grown into. Incase you missed the updates on social media, Blue Sunday 2023 has raised £30,080 so far. Money is still coming in!

In 2010 I was diagnosed with Severe M.E.

I was 21.

I don’t have many photos. It never feels like a priority to take them when you don’t have the strength to chew food.

My whole life collapsed. A makeshift (then permanent) bedroom had to be made for me in my parent’s dining room. A wheelchair was bought to get me to the toilet. My mum cut my hair into a short pixie cut to try to save one piece of independence: brushing my hair by myself.

A lot of people have joined a fair way into my ‘chronic illness journey’ and so have missed out on those most grizzly bits.

In the midst of all of *that*, the need and desire to be a part of something never wavered. Visitors couldn’t stay for long because of the overstimulation of their mere presence. Conversations weren’t always possible. My mum learnt my silent cues as if reading my mind. Rare moments out of the house came at an astronomical and disproportionate price.

I needed to find something that I could join in with despite the severity of my symptoms. Blue Sunday was started to allow me to be included again, from my own bed/home.

So when I’m told that Blue Sunday makes you feel included, my heart soars. Such comments mean an incredible amount to me; more than the tens of thousands of pounds (although that is a bit good and we should come to that later.) Because I *know* what it feels like to miss out on most things. To live so much of life on the sidelines; living through other people’s photos instead of my own experiences. And I want you to be included because you deserve nothing less, and so much more. Why should the very people with the illness were fundraising for, miss out on the fundraising event?

Thank you for choosing to spend your precious energy and capacity and function on Blue Sunday. I am truly honoured that you did.

NB It is very normal for me to be more unwell and in bed after doing A Thing. So please don’t worry that I overdid it or wasn’t careful, etc etc etc. Am being well looked after and will be back on my feet soon.

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Blogging about life in the slow lane with an invisible, chronic illness. I wasn't always a sick chick so this is somewhat of a life changing experience!

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