On to the next one! Blue Sunday 2023

Let the countdown to Blue Sunday 2023 begin.

• What is it?

The Sunday closest to M.E. awareness day (12th May) has come to be known as Blue Sunday by the ME/CFS community after I held my first Tea Party For M.E. on that day in May 2013. I’m gearing up to my 11th annual event and you’re all invited.

• When is it?

Sunday 14th May. There’s no set time because of time zones & needing to be flexible with this unpredictable illness. The event runs all day with people joining in whenever suits them best.

• How do I join in on the day?

However works best for you. Whether you’re having a Tea Party For M.E. for one in bed at home, or having a bigger one with friends and family, you will be so welcome.

People enjoy tea and cake (or whatever works for them) on Blue Sunday and donate the price they’d pay for tea and cake to an ME/CFS charity.

Those who wish to can upload photos of their Tea Party For M.E. set-up to social media so that others can feel a part of your day.

• Are you doing fundraising packs again?

Indeed. Hannah at @sunshinemakesandbakes has been beavering away since last May to create a shiny new pack for help people get in the Tea Party For M.E. spirit. New for this year, I’m also working on some more downloadable bits & bobs that can be bought separately, meaning those outside the U.K. can get their hands on some of the goodies.

• Will there be a giveaway again?

Yes there will! Prizes made and donated by people with ME/CFS or their friends/carers will be up for grabs on the day. (Limited to the UK).

• I don’t have M.E. Can I still join in?

Yes please do! I can’t tell you what a difference it makes to know there are people supporting our cause. While there are so many worthy causes, people with ME/CFS are sadly still at a heightened risk of experiencing stigma & harm from the medical profession & the wider public. The charities we fundraise for will therefore always, & only, be ME/CFS charities.

• Is it the same as previous years?

Yes exactly the same, except for the exciting addition of Blue Sunday t-shirts! You don’t need one to join in but they are available with international shipping for anyone who fancies wearing one on the day.

• I can’t afford to donate. Can I still join in?

Yes of course. The fundraising has come to be a lovely bonus with the main focus of the day being about being a forgotten about and neglected community of very poorly people together. Any donations are gratefully received but you do not need to have donated to join in.

• Is there a fundraising total?

Last year we raised £30,000. If we match that this year, the total amount raised by Blue Sunday will be £100,000 in 10 years. An astonishing feat and accomplishment for some of the poorliest people in society.

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