7 years

IMG_7348Sometimes there is absolutely no rhyme or reason for why the symptoms are worse & that can be the hardest part of this journey; accepting what simply cannot be explained or understood.

The poison-in-my-veins feeling is the one that floors me more than the fatigue or the dizziness or the nausea or the sensory overload or any of the other symptoms from a list that takes up multiple pieces of A4 paper.

My life was very different 7 years ago. I had a handful of part-time jobs, was a fresh-out-uni History graduate, a sociable little thing. The 1st four or so years of being ill were unimaginably gruelling and such a stark contrast for the life I’d had for 20 years. But now I can say with confidence that life feels good, even on days like these.

2 thoughts on “7 years

  1. Thanks Anna – you are so brilliant at finding the right words. Have never previously been able to describe the “poison in my veins” thing. And yes, I also know it is a choice whether to believe myself to be in heaven on earth or hell on earth and the sun is shining here! xx


    1. Thank you Sarah. Really hoping today is as good as it can be for you.


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