What can you do to mark Blue Sunday?

First things first, remember you’re not very well.

You can never be sure how well or functional you’re going to feel on any given day. If you wake up on Blue Sunday and you’re too unwell to join us online, please know that the posts and videos and loveliness will still be there for you to see when you’re feeling up to it.

Secondly, there is no right or wrong way to mark Blue Sunday. These are just a few ideas.

Host (or join) a video call

Either with your family and friends, or open it up to the wider public. It can be a short and sweet Hello, maybe a simple quiz, or a drop in session throughout the day for anyone looking for company whilst having a cuppa.

I don’t host a video call on the day but will share details of any that are happening.

Solo tea party

Plan ahead and have a packet of your favourite biscuits in your bedside snack drawer (everyone has one right?!) so you can join in from the relative comfort of your own bed. There will be photos online all day so you won’t be alone despite not having any visitors.

Have your own in-person Tea Party For M.E.

Send out invitations asking your nearest and dearest to join in. Ask everyone to bring a cake so you don’t have the responsibility of feeding everyone. And remind them to bring their wallet.

I’ve found the key to hosting in-person events is to be the Queen of Delegation and have a small army of helpers doing all of the work while you wear a nice blue dress and take all the glory! Just a reminder to please factor in covid protections for you and your guests.

In the hope it makes holding your own Tea Party For M.E. a bit easier, I have a free leaflet available for you to print. It gives a brief overview of Blue Sunday and some info about M.E. so you don’t have to make your own resources for your tea party guests.

There are also mini badges available, Blue Sunday coaster keepsakes, t-shirts with international shipping, and other downloadable bits and bobs. My LinkTree link https://linktr.ee/theslowlane_ME has everything you need!

Join the Animal Crossing crew

For many years now, Blue Sunday has been celebrated on Animal Crossing with whole islands being made to mark the day.

Arrange a bake sale

Either at work or with your neighbours, selling baked goodies is a great way to get some money into the Blue Sunday fundraising pot!

Wear something blue

Did you know it was Blue Sunday that was the inspiration for the M.E. Association’s “Go Blue for M.E.” campaign?

A whole heap of us will be wearing blue on Blue Sunday (honestly it’ll make your heart soar to see your social media pages just awash with blue). From blue bedding or having your nails painted blue, to blue pyjamas or blue tea dresses, we each do what we as individuals can to join in with the Tea Party For M.E. spirit. If you can’t partake in the tea or cake, wearing blue is what unites us all on the day.

There are also now Blue Sunday t-shirts for anyone interested.

Your own fundraising pages or Facebook events

As most of the people joining in online are very unwell and suffer from cognitive dysfunction, all I ask if that you make it clear that your Facebook event is not the ‘official one’ in some way.

This can be as simple as including your name in the event title, and using your images (rather than the ‘official’ Blue Sunday ones for your Facebook event or fundraising page.

There’s a post coming up about Donation pages so watch this space.

And a reminder that you do not have to donate to join in

Raising thousands of pounds for the charities who support us is wonderful and an incredible achievement for a group of very poorly people. But Blue Sunday has become a day where the M.E. community and our allies come together to break the isolation and celebrate our tenacity and resilience.

You will be so welcome, regardless of whether you can donate or not.

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