Blue Sunday t-shirts!

Before we know it, it’ll be May again and therefore M.E. Awareness week again, and therefore time for Blue Sunday and the Tea Party For M.E. again.

So I’ve been beavering away already to get everything done at the sensibly slow pace I go at.

For a long time I have wanted to have Blue Sunday t-shirts and it’s finally becoming a reality.

Not everyone who joins in on our dedicated day of fundraising and “togetherness”, can enjoy tea and cake anymore. Some are on restrictive diets, some are tube fed, some are unable to eat solid food, some cannot sit up to drink tea.

So it’s been my hope that having something we can all wear on the day will take the community spirit and inclusion to the next level.

Enter Blue Sunday t-shirts!

Without getting too political, money is tight for the majority of us and so buying a t-shirt is a luxury we can’t all afford. So I’m releasing them now incase anyone wants to add one to their Christmas list.

I have done a lot of research and outsourcing everything to Teemill is going to be the best and easiest way to bring this little dream of mine to life. Their t-shirts are also softer than others I’ve come across, which is great for people like us who need to be careful of fabric against their skin.

Cost: £15 for an adult size, £13 for children’s sizes. These are the cheapest options I am given by Teemill. I am working out the logistics of how our charities can benefit from t-shirt sales.

Colours: Sky blue or white (Currently only available in white in children’s sizes. I’m waiting for bright blue to be available in all sizes 🤞🏼)

WOMEN 8-18
CHILDREN 3yrs-12yrs

Shipping: From £4. International shopping is available! Prices will vary depending on where you are in the world

Returns: 28 day return policy. (In the U.K. the Royal Mail parcel collection service has been a godsend to me should you need to return or exchange an item.)

There is absolutely no obligation to buy one. You can join in come Blue Sunday 2023 regardless. I just wanted the option to be there, particularly for those who have to forgo the tea and cake bit.

It’s a very basic website but hopefully okay to navigate.

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