The 10th Tea Party For M.E. is coming soon!

It’s ever-so lovely to hear that so many of you are looking forward to Blue Sunday already!

This year’s Tea Party For M.E. falls on Sunday 15th May. The event runs all day (and covers all time zones) but I will be most active online between 12-3pm GMT.

If you’ve never joined in before and feel a little unsure about it all, last year’s posts can be found under the #TeaPartyForME2021 and #BlueSunday2021 hashtags.

The aim has always been that Blue Sunday is accessible to as many people living with M.E. as possible. From my own experience I know that live feeds, or set times, or difficult to follow instructions can make joining in with things very, very tricky.

So the premise remains very simple – you mould it around what you can manage. That might be joining in by yourself from bed having treated yourself to a shop bought treat just for Blue Sunday. Or having a handful of family and friends over for tea and homemade cake. Whatever way you do it, it feels so wonderful to know that so many others are doing exactly the same as you on that particular day.

Those that can, donate the price they’d expect to pay for tea and cake (not been in a café for years but am told it’s £3-5) to an M.E. charity of their choice.

I’m working on having donation links easily available to you again as your precious energy should be saved for enjoying the day, rather than trying to find how to donate to your chosen charity.

Fundraising packs will be available for a small fee later this month (UK only but hoping to expand next year) plus a free, printable leaflet will also be available soon.

I really hope you’ll be able to join me in whatever way works for you on Sunday 15th May.

You can find more information, including the Facebook Event at the Blue Sunday 2022 tab at the top of the page

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