Equilibrium restored

The planets aligned, as they say, and luck was on my side, so I adventured to the seaside for a much needed escape from my reality.

Being by the sea has restored my equilibrium after a rather rocky start to 2022. Losing two of our beloved guinea pigs, a new diagnosis of Adenomyosis, gearing up for a hysterectomy for said new diagnosis only to denied one, two years of ‘shielding’, 7 babies being born to my nearest and dearest…it’s all been quite a lot!

I cannot abide the “I really wanted to do The Thing so I made it happen” rhetoric. It’s insulting to the rest of us and misleading to those outside of the chronic illness community.

Make no mistake, I wanted to be able to get away for these few days, but I couldn’t have manifested it into existence by sheer power of will. If I’d been too unwell, then I’d have been too unwell. Like I was for the holidays I’ve missed in the past.

It was luck that meant I was actually able to do it; that I was well enough to do it. I wasn’t in good health, or symptom free, or suddenly without restrictions. But I was well enough to mould a little holiday around my illhealth; well enough to live a little. And so incredibly grateful for that!

These photos are for me for look back on when life isn’t being quite so kind, but they’re also for those who have to live through the experiences of others because they are too unwell to adventure outside of their bedrooms or homes.

Everywhere was quiet enough and empty enough that I felt able to go inside places for the first time since the pandemic began.
A rare glimpse at the camera shy Mr Tree Surgeon
National Trust Dunwich Heath happened to have two tramper mobility scooters available. It was my first time using a scooter since my relapse in September 2020. A glorious 45 minutes of independence!
An ambulatory wheelchair user out in the wild

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Blogging about life in the slow lane with an invisible, chronic illness. I wasn't always a sick chick so this is somewhat of a life changing experience!

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