See you on Blue Sunday! 16/5/21

Awareness days pass the majority of people by if they’re not directly affected by something. But I’ve found cake to be a VERY good way of getting the attention of people from outside of the M.E. Community.

We get 70+ guests at my own Tea Party For M.E. each year (not since the pandemic obviously) and I have tended to be the only person there that actually has M.E. We’ve had medical students and GPs attend and everyone leaves knowing a little bit more about M.E. than when they arrived.

Blue Sunday 2018 – a village hall full of Tea Party For M.E. guests sitting, chatting and eating cake.

Most get to see the way my energy fades over those two hours, and how that affects my speech, my posture, my ability to walk… Seeing shouldn’t have to be believing but it does help.

As I’ve said before though, my friends who have M.E. do not need to be made aware of M.E. They know better than anyone what the reality of life with this illness is like.

For them, I want Blue Sunday to be a day of celebration; celebrating the fact that they overcome all that is thrown at them every single day. They are absolute champions in my opinion.

Blue Sunday also gives those of us with M.E. an excuse to donate to M.E. charities who work tirelessly on our behalf. This year I’ve had a glimpse at the work some of these charities do and I am spurred on by their unwavering dedication to make our lives better.

Blue Sunday gives those closest to us, who see our suffering, a rare opportunity to support us in something. For those who saw us disappear from the lives we’d always known, it’s a chance to learn a little more about the illness that turned our world upside down. And all while under the lighthearted pretence of eating a bit of cake and drinking a pot of tea.

See you all online on Sunday 16th May 💙

NB. To anyone who finds themselves too unwell to have their cake and eat it on ‘Blue Sunday’, please post your tea party photos and join in whenever you can throughout the following week. Flexibility is key with M.E! So please don’t worry. All of the photos will still be available to see and comment on if you want to whenever suits your health best.

Published by Anna Redshaw

Blogging about life in the slow lane with an invisible, chronic illness. I wasn't always a sick chick so this is somewhat of a life changing experience!

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