Some days I am struggling with seeing so many people moaning about things that I have come to champion and cherish.

But seeing others disregard certain aspects of a life lived completely indoors is reminding me of our immense resilience as people with chronic illness; people who have been confined to our homes for far longer than those who are moaning the loudest.

Our ability to mould and reshape a life where happiness, peace, contentment and gratitude are still well within our reach is admirable.

I feel like, while the masses are struggling to survive, we have long since learnt to thrive (or at least try to) within the restrictions placed on us by our own bodies.

I am proud of us, always.


There is no doubt that the circumstances of the last year have been beyond hard. I do not wish to invalidate anyone else’s suffering. I just think we, as people with chronic illness, do incredibly well each and every day to make the best of he hand we’ve been dealt.

Published by Anna Redshaw

Blogging about life in the slow lane with an invisible, chronic illness. I wasn't always a sick chick so this is somewhat of a life changing experience!

5 thoughts on “Proud

  1. Hi, I was hoping to get your opinion on something. I have M.E as well as other serious health conditions too, including emphysema, COPD, Sever Asthma, & Im riddled with osteoarthritis and arthritis, Im a wheelchair user, & for the 1st 10 yrs of having M.E, I had it severely, bedridden mostly, but for past 5 yrs im now classed as moderate & the covid-19 Vaccine could make me relapse. Im really worried about having it. What your opinion Anna?


    1. Hi Natalie. I’m sorry to hear you’re contending with more than one diagnosis. Understandably, I’m quite anxious about the vaccine. A few of my friends with M.E have now had it and the longest/strongest reaction I’ve heard of was 11 days. They still have zero regrets about getting it! I’m following the M.E charity advice like everyone else and weighing up whether the virus or the vaccine poses a bigger risk to me…


  2. Thank you Anna for the encouragement, its very easy to forget how resilient we are and how much we adapt to life as it is. I’m also interested in your answer to Natalie’s question…


    1. Hi Maureen. It’s so easy to forget when we’re in the thick of it isn’t it. But I think we’re absolutely incredible. I’ve replied to Natalie on this post now too if you wanted to check it out. I am anxious about the vaccine but weighing up whether the risk of a reaction is better or worse than the virus itself…


  3. Anna, this is so well put. I agree we wouldn’t undermine what others have gone through the last few months but feel at the moment, some days have to bite my tongue. As you say, we have learnt to appreciate what I call ‘little gems’ each day so, I don’t even want to respond to them but it comes in my mind, though not said out loud, “now you know a little of what we live with each day.” The words don’t come out as, it is their pain and their pace to recover but I actually said to my husband this morning, they have forgotten about my M.E. No matter but it was me encouraging a friend, who has had Corvid but complaining, it is taking too long to recover. He is struggling but frustrated after being very ill in Oct now his recovery, means being indoors and an effort to do things …. sound familiar at all ? sorry don’t know if that made any sense but many mixed feeling around at moment. Another friend just phoned after returning from lovely fresh walk and I am doing so much more (paying for it in process) but hubby, also my carer, is laid up with back pain. Hey ho, the sun shone today. KEEP SMILING xxx


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