Chipper Tuesday + Lipstick Tuesday ‘The Revival’

Lipstick Tuesdays

Many moons ago, my friend Cara and I started something we called ‘Lipstick Tuesdays’.

Anyone been around long enough to remember? Well I’ve brought it back!

Let’s face it. Life will chronic illness can be rather dull. And monotonous. And boring. There is often not a lot to look forward to. And when we do have something to look forward to, there is every chance that things won’t quite go to plan because of our health. The most excitement most of us get is when we are able to get dressed by ourselves or brush our own hair.

So every day for us is much the same. That is, except Tuesdays.

Why save things for best or for The Real World? So whether it’s a vertically challenged day in bed or one of those rare trips out of the house, we would slap on the lippy and look absolutely fabulous by doing so!

If, like me, you need a change from the monotony of chronic illness join us every Tuesday in brightening up even the dullest of days. Who cares if you’re sloth-like or spritely?! Chances are nobody will see you anyway!

Chipper Tuesdays

Evolved from Lipstick Tuesday, Chipper Tuesday was always about wearing or doing anything that brings a smile to your face and that makes the day a bit brighter for you. After one too many pillows got stained with lipstick, and because we weren’t all always able to tolerate the feel or smell of lipstick, Tuesdays became about wearing or doing or eating or watching anything that raised a real smile.

No offence pals but when are we going to get to wear those pink suede heels we bought on a whim ‘just incase’?! So I would wear them in bed! On Tuesdays! If I’m honest with you I tend to dress myself in whatever takes my fancy anyway. A bit like a small child does when they’re first allowed to pick their own clothes. But with this relapse I’ve been missing my lovely colourful clothes as I’m just not able to wear them.

This Tuesday!

It’s not looking likely that I’ll be going anywhere anytime soon. I last went out on my birthday last month – a brief wheel down the road in my pyjamas (classy bird that I am!)

So I’m wearing this today! Its Tuesday after all! It’s a tweed poncho I got for my birthday. I learnt long ago that saving anything for best is pointless when you’re chronically ill and confined to your house for, if not all of your time (hello exciting medical appointment outings), then certainly the majority of it.

No-one is going to see me today so this is purely for me. And for you now too, what with me posting a photo and all! I can’t get dressed. I haven’t worn clothes since August. It’s hard to articulate how difficult removing your pyjamas to replace the with clothes can be; how it depletes a precious energy supply, or how the energy to do it is simply not available. How certain fabrics or waistbands hurt or cause a reaction. So my Christmas pyjamas are still on underneath.

Happy Chipper Tuesday my friends. I hope there’s something you can wear or do or watch that will raise a smile today. I’ve gone all out and am having a Lipstick Tuesday too. Why on earth not hey!

Published by Anna Redshaw

Blogging about life in the slow lane with an invisible, chronic illness. I wasn't always a sick chick so this is somewhat of a life changing experience!

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