Health doesn’t equal happiness

The highs and lows of 2014

  • Meeting a poorly pal.

Slanket capes and joint Purple Time! 

It was just the best! To have been chatting online and texting someone for so long and then finally there they are stood on your doorstep! And they understand absolutely!

It broke my heart a bit. To see her suffering and struggling. And knowing how it feels to feel like that. It was the strangest feeling. I said the things that I’d promised myself I never would – because I myself cannot answer them. Things like ‘How are you?’ ‘Do you think it’s making a difference?’ ‘I hope you’re okay’ And I don’t know why I asked because of course she’s not okay! She has severe M.E. I hoped so much that I didn’t wear her out. But of course I must have! Just being out of her house and in mine would have done that. And it wasn’t just a five minute journey she had to contend with. 

So now I know how you must feel – or at least how you felt in The Beginning. When you first met the new, poorly me. This is how you must feel when you see me or think of me and my health. Desolate. Unable to really help. 

But I can only do my best for her – offer her my friendship and my time and energy. And that’s all I want from you – a weekly text message or a daily joke or a card in the post. That’s all any of us can really do for our poorly pals. 

  • JustGiving Award nomination
  • Blue Sunday 
  • Old and new friendships in general – I was reunited with an old school friend this year and it felt like no time had passed whatsoever!
  • Countless lovely messages, tweets, and comments about my blog and my awareness efforts
  • Family

Practically-older bro, Not-so-big sis, me, and Not-so-little bro

  • Having the physical strength to allow my hair to grow and being able to wash and brush it myself

My locks are now so long and luscious that I can pin them up again!
  • Seeing things through their eyes – a couple of my old housemates noticed little things that I had missed. I didn’t need to put my feet up on a chair while sitting in a coffee shop like I’d had to before! And I’m apparently much more expressive with my hands when I’m talking! My hands rarely lie limb in a claw-like position on my lap.
  • The online community – the ultimate high!

  • Allan 

We lost Our Allan suddenly and unexpectedly in August, just shy of his 60th birthday. I’m sure he would LOVE that we keep using his Princess photos when we talk about him!

  • Dining Room Days – life is full of surprises but I wasn’t expecting this one so ‘far’ into my recovery journey. Curse those stairs!

So here’s to a happy 2015 for us all. We may not get a healthy one but here’s hoping it turns out to be at least a tiny bit healthier than this one.

Published by Anna Redshaw

Blogging about life in the slow lane with an invisible, chronic illness. I wasn't always a sick chick so this is somewhat of a life changing experience!

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