Brain Fog Moments

Brain fog is a symptom of M.E. It’s hard to describe which, ironically, could be the brain fog working its usual magic! Basically it means we often can’t think straight; feel as if our heads are full of cotton wool; struggle to put the right words into a sentence; have rubbish short term memories…  

A fair few of us on Twitter have been chuckling away at each other’s expense by sharing some of our brain fog moments. I thought I’d share some of them here: 

There was the time I made myself a coffee on a plate rather than in a mug 

The time I forgot to put oven gloves on to get something out of the oven

Trying to put a library card in a cash machine 

Putting peas in porridge 

Throwing food in the recycle on bin and putting the cardboard box in the fridge 

Going to put a tea bag in a cereal bowl 

Forgetting your own sister’s name so calling her “That girl”

Walking into the lounge with the kettle rather than your mug

Going to wash your hands but forgetting how to turn the taps on

Leaving the gas on after cooking rice…for 6 hours

Putting a dog treat in your mouth instead of the dog’s

Putting gravy granules in your cup instead of coffee 

Putting your dinner in the oven but forgetting to turn it on and only realising half an hour later when you went to remove it

Almost taking the dog’s medication instead of your own 

Getting in the passenger seat of your car to drive

Putting your clothes on back-to-front

Putting your knickers on over your leggings 

Making a cup of tea without a tea bag

Chatting to relatives on the phone. Completely forgetting about what you were talking about only to find new plans written on your calendar that only you could have written…

Phoning your own number and wonderin why it was engaged

Staring at a pair of knickers with absolutely no idea how to get them on 

Pouring milk or boiling water straight into the coffee or sugar canisters instead of your tea cup

Panicking that you’ve lost your phone…when you’re on the phone to someone 

Forgetting to get a towel out before having a bath and having to do the soggy, cold and naked walk of shame to the airing cupboard afterwards 

Putting orange juice in your coffee instead of milk 

Getting lost on the way to the supermarket despite making the same journey every week 

Getting cross that the landline phone had run out of charge only to be told by your four year old that it was actually the TV remote 

Going to the kitchen for matches. Coming back with the car keys

Turning up to an appointment the day before by accident and telling them you like to be on time

Forgetting how to spell your own name

Forgetting where you’d parked your car and having to ask security for their help

Trying for ages to unlock your car in a car park and getting frustrating that the key wasn’t working…only to find it wasn’t actually your car

Forgetting your own address when filling in forms and accidentally giving a combination of your last three addresses 

Waking not and panicking that you can’t see only to realise you slept with your eye mask on 

Putting the kettle in the fridge

Getting up. Doing your hair. Putting your make-up on. Doing up your sandals. Opening the back door to let to dog out. Realising too late that you had forgotten to put on any pants or trousers! 

Thinking your car had been stolen but realising you’d left it at the shop and walked home

Please feel free to leave anymore you might have in the comments section. We all need a good chuckle! 

Published by Anna Redshaw

Blogging about life in the slow lane with an invisible, chronic illness. I wasn't always a sick chick so this is somewhat of a life changing experience!

One thought on “Brain Fog Moments

  1. Calling a taxi company to arrange for a lift from a doctor’s appointment and after all of the confusion with dispatch realizing you had called a company in another country.

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