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You might hear us talk about the lack of help and understanding we get from the majority of doctors. There is a handful of doctors who actively work, on our behalf, to get to the bottom of this complex illness. 
In April I was handed Dr Myhill’s notes on Mitochondrial failure and could have wept at how refreshing it was to read that someone was taking M.E seriously instead of brushing it under the carpet as a mental or psychological illness. (Not that there’s anything wrong with them.)

Link to the published papers for anyone interested – CFS – The Central Cause: Mitochondrial Failure

The first week on the new supplements was really not good. I can’t begin to explain the washed out, sluggish feelish. Everything was a battle; to sit up, to move my arms to get food from my plate into my mouth, to chew and swallow… Wowzers! 
All of these supplements support the reduction of fatigue but it felt like the opposite was happening. Perhaps my body has forgotten how to function properly and so couldn’t process the supplements as it should have been able to.
The fatigue was so bad that I felt constantly nauseous. Now don’t get me wrong, I feel horrendous every day but THIS was on another level. At times I felt a bit grumpy and irritable too (which we saw as a good sign; there’s still some of the old feisty Anna in there somewhere!)

To cut a long story short I came off the supplements. I gave it more than four long weeks, well over £200 and a bucket full of effort and determination but it became clear that it was the supplements that were exacerbating the fatigue, visual disturbances, malaise, everything! 
At some point I may reintroduce some of the supplements to try to determine whether it was just one of them causing the problems. It highlights how what may work for one sufferer may not work for another. We are all affected by this plague in different ways with no definitive treatment or road to recovery. 
(I did not buy Dr Myhill’s test kit or the package of supplements from her website. It was much cheaper, but still very expensive, to buy the supplements separately from Holland and Barrett, Healthspan or other online stores.
D-ribose – I did notice an immediate improvement in palpitations and irregular heartbeat
Co-enzyme Q10
NAD (B3)
B12 (injections or orally) 
A GP friend, who has an understanding of suchlike chronic illnesses, handed me the notes and medical advice. I am so grateful, even if the supplements didn’t work out so well.) 

Published by Anna Redshaw

Blogging about life in the slow lane with an invisible, chronic illness. I wasn't always a sick chick so this is somewhat of a life changing experience!

One thought on “Supplements & science

  1. Hi,
    Sorry the supplements didn't work out well, but glad there is still a bit of the old, feisty Anna left. I think beneath everything we are still the same people, it's just that the pain, fear, frustration etc can cover everything up and push our personalities down a bit, hopefully you will discover more of yourself again soon and maybe let some more of the feisty Anna out:)

    Was just wondering how your night out with your friends went on Saturday – I hope you are not suffering too much pay back and that the night went well.


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