Wild nights in

Today is a poorlier day than yesterday. I keep an activity diary but I cant see that I did anything more than usual in the last few days. Ho hum. Life with M.E is full of surprises! This afternoon I’ve been struggling to sit up. Sitting up…sometimes I can’t manage it because my core muscles are too weak but usually it is because I feel too dizzy or faint. Even if I put my legs up on a foot stool or chair, my brain protests because it refuses to compromise. It seems to be happiest when my body is as near to horizontal as it can be without feeling like the room is spinning. It wants me to be reclined in bed. I sound like such a lady of leisure. Maybe I should employ someone to peel me grapes and fan me to complete the look!

So here I am, meeting it’s demands and lying in bed. My heart is playing up too and my whole body shakes and moves to the rhythm of my heartbeat. My head wobbles around like a nodding dog. This is different from the tremors I get. It’s quite scary. “At least your heart is still beating” was what my GP said…well yes there is that! This all happens quite a lot. I caught it on video once. There happened to be water bottle at the bottom of my bed on the opposite side to me and, although I wasn’t touching it, the water was moving in time with my heart. I’m in a bit of pain this evening too but I’m hoping it’ll leave me alone soon.

I can cope with watching the tele this evening 🙂 Yay me! The TV in my room is maybe only a few metres away from where I am in bed but I will have to build up to making it over to put a DVD on. Let’s hope I don’t need the loo anytime soon! Maybe I’ll stick with the TV channels if I can find something decent to watch. The Big Bang Theory is a favourite of mine but I don’t think I’ll ever love anything as much as I love Friends. I hate reality TV usually but some reason I love Keeping Up With The Kardashians. What has happened to me?!

Boxsets have been a godsend if you discount the constant need to get up and change the disc over. It’s a good way to ensure I don’t over-rest though. That isn’t good for us either. Soon it’ll be time to dig out the old faithfuls like Home Alone and Love Actually! I haven’t been able to make it to the cinema since I’ve been ill but I like getting round to watching all the latest releases on DVD. Comedy has always been my favourite. Scary films are a massive no no! Even Harry Potter is too scary for me. The Woman in Black has scarred me for life!

My arms a bit too weak to hold my book this evening so I’ll save that for another day. Reading has become a luxury now because of my difficulty concentrating but it’s always lovely when I manage a chapter or two. Simple pleasures.

Published by Anna Redshaw

Blogging about life in the slow lane with an invisible, chronic illness. I wasn't always a sick chick so this is somewhat of a life changing experience!

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