“But I thought you said you were getting better?”

I wouldn’t blame you for asking me that on a day like today. Every bodily system seems to be suffering today. I can’t digest food properly. I can’t see properly. My heart isn’t quite right. The paralysis is being a pain. My lungs can’t seem to take in enough oxygen. Gravity feels too heavy. TheContinue reading ““But I thought you said you were getting better?””

The Adventures of Anna Jones – Cinema Saturday!

I am currently in the middle of yet another night of being unable to sleep. It baffles me that a human body can feel this poorly and exhausted and yet not be able to do the one thing that I feel it needs most: sleep. So I am fighting the tears of despair that IContinue reading “The Adventures of Anna Jones – Cinema Saturday!”

Anna Abroad! Malaga,Spain 4-10th January 2016

You might not think it or fully understand but I feel that I was incredibly brave. I had no idea how my body would cope with flying – reading the accounts of others isn’t the same as each sufferer suffers differently. Hooray for wheelchairs and ear defenders is all I’ll say. Without either I wouldContinue reading “Anna Abroad! Malaga,Spain 4-10th January 2016”

The National Hospital of Neurology and Neuroscience, Queen’s Square, London

I was going to publish the next part of my Spanish adventure but seeing as I had my appointment in London a few days ago I thought I’d fill you in on that first. I’m currently very poorly. I seem to be suffering more each day after my trip to London. So if this postContinue reading “The National Hospital of Neurology and Neuroscience, Queen’s Square, London”

Anna Abroad! Outward Bound – Aeroplane & Taxi Tales

Gatwick to Malaga. 11am but delayed until 12pm. My grandparents and I had spoken about going on a cruise together in the hope that I might manage okay with everything being in one place. The main thing that put me off was that although everyone assured me you couldn’t feel the boat move, I wasContinue reading “Anna Abroad! Outward Bound – Aeroplane & Taxi Tales”