The Adventures of Anna Jones – One Happy Camper!

To say you are going camping when you’re not very well is probably a tad ridiculous. For someone who’s internal thermostat is most definitely broken to decide that sleeping outside in a tent with nothing but a sleeping bag to keep them warm seems rather silly. Add to that the fact that light and soundContinue reading “The Adventures of Anna Jones – One Happy Camper!”

My efforts for M.E. Awareness week

Apologies for the delay in sharing this post with you. I actually recovered incredibly quickly after Blue Sunday, feeling back to ‘normal’ in just four days. It’s so wonderful to be able to measure my progress each year. Alas this recovery was somewhat thwarted by my attempts to increase gentle yoga into my daily targets.Continue reading “My efforts for M.E. Awareness week”

Last minute preparations – Blue Sunday 2016

I am being extremely sensible and having a couple of enforced rest days in order to give myself the best chance of making it through, and enjoying, the weekend. Preparations for this year’s charity tea party, Blue Sunday, have been going swimmingly. I have been Chief of Delegation and have a small army of bakersContinue reading “Last minute preparations – Blue Sunday 2016”

The Adventures of Anna Jones – Shifting up a gear

I, Anna Jones, former netball captain and athletic all-rounder,¬†am now the proud(?) owner of a Kymco Mini LS portable mobility scooter. After much research and deliberation I bought it from Mobility Giant.I can’t really put it into words how this makes me feel but like always I will try. Once upon a time I wasContinue reading “The Adventures of Anna Jones – Shifting up a gear”