The stuff of dreams

It’s fair to say this is the busiest start to the year I’ve had since The M.E. Years began. I’ve been abroad for a start! That alone is more than I’ve managed in any other M.E. year.

And now I am here to tell you that Mr Tree Surgeon and I have moved in together!

First and foremost, if anyone had told me this was even a possibility two years ago I would have given them the dirtiest, grumpiest look and told them they hadn’t never been so wrong.

Yet here I am. Sitting in our conservatory. In our house. Drinking coffee out of our mugs.

It must be incredible for my parents; to see their daughter well enough to do something as normal as move out of home. Without their care and unwavering support throughout The M.E. Years I would not have made even an iota of the progress I have made. 

And for me to have found someone who loves me just as I am; who can see past the limitations of M.E. Well there aren’t really any words to do that bit justice. 

Moving day went swimmingly! We collected the keys for the new house in the morning and then our team of movers met us at our new address to start unpacking.

Mr Tree Surgeon and I had help from both sets of parents, his lovely friend, and my Not-so-little Bro and his lovely girlfriend. I found it a bit hard not being able to do much more than sit and hold the guinea pigs but I’m just not well enough yet to be charging around moving boxes and unpacking things. 

Not only is it a lovely house, that I get to share with a lovely man, but it is something that I never dared to even dream about; moving out of home and making a new one. This move symbolises so much, not least the progress I have made over the last six years. There is still an unimaginably long way to go to return to full health or even half-health, but anymore milestones and progress will be made from my new house! 

I’m so happy I might burst!!!! 

(We are still waiting on news about how moving in with my ‘partner’ will affect my disability benefits so I can’t fill you in on that bit just yet.)

Published by Anna Redshaw

Blogging about life in the slow lane with an invisible, chronic illness. I wasn't always a sick chick so this is somewhat of a life changing experience!

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