“But what’s best for you Anna?”

Something I have learnt about myself this year, and something that’s been pointed out to me again and again, is that I tend to put other people’s feelings above my own physical health. “It would make him so happy if I went.” “They would feel so disappointed if I cancelled.” “She might feel I don’tContinue reading ““But what’s best for you Anna?””

Reviving ‘My’ Wednesdays

Most of this year had been dominated by counselling. First it was every Tuesday. Then every other Tuesday. And now I hope it will be just one Tuesday every month. When your health places so many restrictions on your life, like my health does, something like an emotional weekly session completely dominates the remainder ofContinue reading “Reviving ‘My’ Wednesdays”

Two years of ‘PA Days’

Related blog posts https://the-slow-lane.com/2017/03/15/worthy-of-help/ https://the-slow-lane.com/2018/07/31/one-year-on-pa-days/ Hello I’m Anna and I rely on help from Adult Social Care. When I left the care of my parents and moved in with Mr Tree Surgeon, six years into my M.E. journey, a dream came true. I had flown the nest, but that momentous story is for another day.Continue reading “Two years of ‘PA Days’”