SOLD OUT – Fundraising Packs and Napkins Sets

SOLD OUT Sunshine Makes and Bakes

There are only 60 fundraising packs (£8 each), and 20 napkin packs (£12 for a set of 4) available. It’s first come first served, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

You CANNOT order one through me. (Sorry to shout.) You need to contact Hannah at Sunshine Makes and Bakes directly. (Link at the top of this post.)

You can do that via Facebook message or Instagram message to Sunshine Makes and Bakes. There is also an email address for those without Facebook or Instagram. You’ll find it on the Facebook page.

Please remember that Hannah is a Poorly Person and so your patience and consideration is really appreciated.

It saves Hannah an awful lot of precious energy if your initial message includes the following:

• What you would like to order (fundraising pack, napkins, or both)

• Your full name and postal address (limited to the UK)

• Your email address for the digital part of the pack to be sent to

Once Hannah has this info, she will send you the bank details for you to send the payment. Remember £3.50 from each pack, and £5 from each set of napkins is going to Action for M.E.

Orders will be posted once all packs and napkins have been sold and you will receive your pack within two weeks of placing your order.

We will keep you updated on how many packs/napkins are left, and then let you know when they’ve all gone to save you the energy of messaging your details unnecessarily.

Happy Blue Sunday Fundraising Packs and Napkins Sets Day 💙

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