What ‘Blue Sunday’ means to people with M.E.

Every year, about this time, I start to get a little bit uncomfortable ahead of the Tea Party For M.E. I think it’s because it feels close to self-promotion in a way. “Join in with this charity event that I created!” I know the fundraising event is a wonderful thing. I know it is. I just cringe a little when it comes to advertising it. As a recent post suggested, I’m not in this for the fame or followers. And the attention and compliments come flooding in as tea party prep really gets going. I’m still learning what to do with praise and often wonder if I just come across as ungracious and rude when receiving it, because I simply don’t know how to respond.

I’ve asked for more input from others this year, as I truly feel that the event has become yours as much as it’s mine. I asked people with M.E what ‘Blue Sunday’ (the day the tea party if held on) means to them. The response was so wonderful. And so this year, ahead of the tea party, I want to share your words rather than more of my own, about what ‘Blue Sunday’ is and what it means to so many of us living with M.E.

What ‘Blue Sunday’ means to you.

“When I was first diagnosed I felt like no-one was doing anything about M.E. Then I found out about your ‘Blue Sunday’ tea party for M.E – all these individuals, all with their own little version of M.E, coming together to raise awareness and have a cuppa. I’ll be forever grateful to you for that.”

“Community, awareness, connection, and a little bit of joy!”

“It’s a chance to come together with my online pals and do something nice to raise money for an important cause.”

“I felt like a part of something, and I didn’t need to leave my bed. It was lovely.”

“A really positive way for our friends and family to join in and support us.”

“A brilliant and fulfilling way to feel part of helping raise accurate awareness and money, while not pushing a poorly body too far. It’s wonderful to be a part of.”

“Blue Sunday makes me feel less invisible every year and it’s joyous to see everyone come together.”

“Living with M.E can be hard. It’s exhausting, limiting, and there’s a lot of grief. Blue Sunday is wonderful because it feels like a celebration!”


“Blue Sunday provides a wonderful opportunity for positive awareness and a stigma-free platform to share.”

“Brilliant idea, really inclusive. And a perfect excuse to get the posh tea set out.”

“The MOST wonderful sense of community. A day to feel less alone, from the comfort of my own sofa.”

“Inclusive, warm and welcoming.”

“I’m newly diagnosed with M.E and it’s just so lovely to have this amazing event to look forward to!”

“An event to look forward to and get friends and family involved to start a conversation about M.E.”

“A wonderful way to connect with my online community. I just love seeing everyone’s photos!”

“The Blue Sunday event is a testament to the resilience and absolute strength and dedication of Anna. It feels symbolic to the very nature of resilience in people with M.E. That this event is run by someone with M.E. And this is only possible through months of planning, and Anna using her energy allowance for the day so many times over for something to help others.”

See you on Sunday 16th May. As people are joining in from all over the world, the event will run all day but I will be most active online between 12-3pm GMT.

Visit Blue Sunday 2021 for more details.

Published by Anna Redshaw

Blogging about life in the slow lane with an invisible, chronic illness. I wasn't always a sick chick so this is somewhat of a life changing experience!

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