Let the baking begin!

There are less than four weeks until the tea party. One of the silver linings of this year’s event being ‘online only’ is that I can risk using some of my energy on baking in the run up to Sunday 17th May.

For the first few years I couldn’t manage any baking at all for the tea party. And then I could bake on thing. And then the next year, I baked two things. It is incredibly risky for me though; doing something as taxing as baking so close to such a big social event.

This year is different! There is far less preparation and organisation needed and so I can indulge in more baking than usual. Last week I made a gluten free orange cake. It did not go well! The week before I made a gluten free lemon and poppy seed traybake, half of which is currently in the freezer ready to defrost come Blue Sunday. As there is so little else I’m needed for at the moment I can rest and recover slowly after each baking adventure.

My trusty mixer. A brilliant birthday present a few years ago. It even mashes potato for me.

This week, it’s coffee and walnut cake! The current ‘lockdown’ is actually allowing me more freedom than you’d imagine. With no visitors, no appointments and no meeting up with friends, I able to do more than usual because less time is needed to rest before and after a visitor, for example.

This magazine was a great find in July last year and I kept it specially for this years tea party. This is my longest stint of needing to be gluten free so I’m glad of it!
Looking only slightly better than a dog’s dinner…
I halved the recipe (or at least I did) because Mr Tree Surgeon doesn’t have a sweet tooth and they’ll only be eating cake come Blue Sunday.
Individual sandwich cakes seemed more sensible than making one big one when it’s only me who’ll be eating them.

Baking is never without incident though! Even when eggs are like gold dust due to panic buying, my brain doesn’t always register how incredibly wasteful it would be to drop one. The signal from my brain to my hand seemed to get lost somewhere along the way and my hand didn’t grip it as it should have.

Oh dear…

And when making the butter-icing, it seems there was great confusion between the bowl of icing ingredients and…the bin. The last of my icing sugar was therefore, very carefully, sieved into the bin. Laugh or cry! That’s brain fog at its best

Not bad not bad. Of course, I’ve had to sample one or two before I freeze the rest. Anyone who knows me will know that my main hope with regards to gluten free food is that it won’t taste gluten free (ie. dry, like cardboard, sandy, etc)
The recipe for anyone looking to bake something for the tea party.

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Blogging about life in the slow lane with an invisible, chronic illness. I wasn't always a sick chick so this is somewhat of a life changing experience!

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