Chipper Tuesdays

Lipstick Tuesday has taken the world by storm. Well my little world anyway. Every week there are photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook from (usually) pyjama-clad ladies who’ve decided to join in on the fun. I hope you’re enjoying it as much as we are. It has genuinely given me something to look forward to and has broken up many a mundane week.

My partner in crime (Cara) has had her thinking cap on recently with regards to Lipstick Tuesday. When she filled me in on what had been going on in that brilliant mind of hers I saw exactly where she was coming from and totally agreed. Lipstick Tuesday is too restrictive. And I’m getting lipstick all over my pillowcases! So it is being expanded to be all inclusive. To cover all bases. To be universal. 

Totally stolen from Cara and I’m not even sorry. 

Chipper Tuesdays are about wearing or doing anything that brings a smile to your face and that makes the day a bit brighter for you. I’m even thinking about digging out my old prom dresses (although I’ll probably have to wear them as a scarf rather than a dress now. They’ve shrunk you see…*cough*.) You only really see the benefits of lipstick when you look in a mirror but if you’re wearing a pair of particularly snazzy trousers, or that sequin jacket that you’ve been saving incase an occasion arises where you can get out of the house and wear it, you don’t even need a mirror. You can see how fabulous you look just by looking down. Why save things for best?! No offence pals but when are we going to get to wear those pink suede heels we bought on a whim ‘just incase’?! Wear them in bed! On Tuesdays! If I’m honest with you I tend to dress myself in whatever takes my fancy anyway. A bit like a small child does when they’re first allowed to pick their own clothes. So I shall still be wearing my lipstick on Tuesdays just to differentiate between Chipper Tuesday and the rest of the week. And also because I’m just super glamorous like that. 

Chipper Tuesdays accommodates for all. Men, women, children, lipstick-loathers… Full credit goes to Cara for this one. I’m just the messenger. 

See you on Tuesday! 

Published by Anna Redshaw

Blogging about life in the slow lane with an invisible, chronic illness. I wasn't always a sick chick so this is somewhat of a life changing experience!

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