Depression and M.E. – Guest blogger

Recently I asked my twitter followers if anyone would be willing to share their experience of Depression and M.E. There will hopefully be other guest blog posts to follow as I feel it’s important to show all sides of this illness, even if I can’t talk about them first hand. Thank you to Miranda for being so honest and articulate. 
Depression and ME
I have had both in the extreme. Severe depression as a teenager, where I couldn’t bear to wear colour, to sit in the sunlight, to be with anyone but my cat. A life of greyness, dullness, where nothing mattered or motivated me. Lethergy, lack of interest in future, present or past. Not wanting to exist.
Then severe ME as an adult , where EVERYTHING counts. Devastation at the loss of my life, frustration that I cannot create nor do due my body being paralysed with fatigue, racked with pain. Feeling taken to the point of death and being held there. Bedridden, loss of dignity, having to be spoonfed. Anger at the disbelief and criticism.
Yes, I’ve wanted to die with severe ME, but only because I want the horror to end, the miserable, endless suffering. But, I would rather get well than die. With depression I couldn’t see beyond that illness nor did I want to. With ME I fight, fight, fight!
Now I admit to both, but the depression is as a result of the ME. For 12 years of ME I fought off depression, always using every ounce of energy to plan, dream of and create my recovery. Even the paralysis and trauma didn’t put me back into depression. And now, even though I am recovered to the point of being able to wash myself, feed myself and walk a few steps a day, what has brought on this new depression is FRUSTRATION. And the more I recover the more frustrated I get. The world is there for me but I still cannot enter.
So, Depression and ME. Two totally different illnesses.  They are worlds apart and should NEVER be confused.

Miranda Brewster – @MiranTheTempest

Published by Anna Redshaw

Blogging about life in the slow lane with an invisible, chronic illness. I wasn't always a sick chick so this is somewhat of a life changing experience!

3 thoughts on “Depression and M.E. – Guest blogger

  1. Very brave to be so honest miranda! im lucky as never suffered from depression. Frustration, I understand well after 20 years of ME. I agree as you feel a bit better the harder it gets to accept. I'm only just learning now to accept things the way they are for now and let go. Frustration get a lot less if you manage to do it. It's very hard thing to do though.


  2. So well described Miranda, and highlights the frustration of being told you don't want to get better, when actually it is only because you're fighting so hard that you have not given up. Keep fighting xx


  3. Use that frustration and see it as a good thing. You still want to stand up and be counted. Having suffered severe depression you know all too well the nothingness that you never want to go back to. Be proud of yourself for fighting, for beating depression every day even though M.E is so cruel to us. Xx


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