I’m sorry what?!?

Rest but don’t over rest. 

Remain hopeful of recovery but accept that recovery may not be possible.

Eat foods that will give you a slow release of energy but don’t over eat as you’ll gain weight from lack of exercise.

Do simple exercises/stretches to stop muscle wastage but don’t overdo it as it will cause a crash or setback or relapse.

Accept your new limitations but don’t give up the life you love.

Go to your GP every time you get a new symptom but don’t expect your GP to offer much advice.

Be sure to set goals and aims to keep you motivated but don’t get discouraged when you are inevitably too ill to reach those goals.

Stick to a routine but don’t get stuck in a rut.

Listen to your body but push and coax it back to ‘normal’.

What?!? How?!? It’s all a massive contradiction!

Is it any wonder that we feel lost? I often think that recovery, or survival, is very much like being in a maze…blindfolded. In fact I’m so lost that this post isn’t ‘up to scratch’ really; because I can’t get see the wood for the trees. I feel almost deflated by the enormity of the task ahead; recovery.

Published by Anna Redshaw

Blogging about life in the slow lane with an invisible, chronic illness. I wasn't always a sick chick so this is somewhat of a life changing experience!

6 thoughts on “I’m sorry what?!?

  1. The problem seems to be “recovery” from what? So many different symptoms, so many different problems affecting a wide range of things. Food allergies, alcohol intolerance, side effects of different drugs, muscle spasms… the list is endless. And that's just one person.
    Rarely go to GP now.
    Recovery? No chance – at the moment at least.
    There's only one person who can help.
    And yourself is the only person who knows what's happening, when & where.
    So I believe that only the individual can have any meaningful input into their own situation with family and friends (if any) helping as requested.


  2. Haha just a little dig at the medical professionals who 'help' us! Most of my posts are written well advance of being published. It just felt like a good time to publish this one


  3. Doctor: Listen to my advice I know best and I know everything you should and shouldn't be doing. Patient: Could you actually tell me what an average day consists of, or the technical goings on my insides are putting me through on a daily basis? No didn't think so.


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