The Adventures of Anna Jones – The Sainsbury’s Experiment

I need a boost. Do you need a boost? If so this might help. Re-reading it helped me a bit.

This was written towards the end of 2013. 

It was a bit like those nights at uni when you went out despite having an unfinished essay due in the next day. You really, REALLY should have stayed in and been sensible but you never, ever did. (I still got my degree in spite of it so don’t judge me!) 

So it had been a night of disturbed sleep and an afternoon of nerves before a Doctors appointment, said Doctors appointment, followed by a blood test (where my body, and those of my siblings, like to go into shock and faint and stuff) and then I ate dinner at the table… That is an unusually busy day for me. Very busy infact! 

Next thing Not-so-big Sis popped round and it was the kind of situation where only chocolate is the answer. But, strangely for us Joneses, we didn’t have any. It was Do or Die. I stepped up! I had been planning to go for a little drive round the block anyway so why not go all out and see if I could manage to drive somewhere and buy chocolate? Test the water, you know? Throw myself in at the deep after having apparently plateaued yet again…

I was still ‘alert’ and wired after having been out and the crash that may or may not follow hadn’t yet hit me and I didn’t think it would until the next day. The adrenaline was pumping too much because I felt so happy and relieved after my GP appointment. (It’s those wired feelings that can lead us sufferers to overdo it so I’m thankful and lucky to have others around me to keep me in check and not let me get too carried away.)

It was the usual toss up between doing things when you can/spur of the moment or quitting while you’re ahead. Boom and Bust maybe. Well this time I made the most of feeling more able. The drive the Sainsbury’s is straightforward enough and I used to drive it a lot in my youth when, once upon a time, I had the pleasure of working at Argos, which is next door.

Pascal. My noble steed

So off I went, with my good friend Mr Walking Stick and my trusty Blue Badge (like Sara Whitestone of Sara Spins said once “[We’re] only in it for the parking!”) The agreement with my family was that I do my usual drive on the Sainsbury’s route and, if I felt able to I could, I could shuffle in, find the chocolate aisle (easy peasy for chocoholics like me) and then use the self service checkout and drive home again.

What a wonderful day it was!!! I cannot tell you! First a sympathetic and helpful GP, then a lovely nurse who stopped me from fainting and then I went to Sainbury’s ON MY OWN. Solo. And it wasn’t as if someone was waiting for me in the car park. I had to drive home too. Of course help and a lift were only a phonecall away but I was independent and that has only happened a handful of times (I’ve told you about each one.) 

(Blurry) proof

The Sainsbury’s Experiment was a success! A one off for now but a success nonetheless.

Sainsbury’s selfie! Weird anti-red eye eyes. Hat hair. Cheesy grin. Pink jumper so people know I’m a girl…
Boy did I suffer for it a couple of days after, but despite feeling horrendously poorly it didn’t have to be a Bed Day and if that isn’t a good and encouraging sign then I don’t know what is. Regardless of how horrific I feel, and by Jove do I feel horrendous, those are the types of silver linings that I have to cling on to. 

Edit – Found this in my Activity Diary over a week after my adventure >>> “I definitely don’t like Sainsbury’s anymore.” Hahaha! 

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Blogging about life in the slow lane with an invisible, chronic illness. I wasn't always a sick chick so this is somewhat of a life changing experience!

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