Karina Hansen

The following post has been taken from the Justice for Karina Hansen Facebook page. I have permission to share it and have been asked to do so. 

More information can be found at Justice for Karina Hansen where there is information and a template on how to contact Amnesty International.

When Per attempted to visit Karina, he spoke with the nurses and he was told that Karina doesn’t talk but only occasionally is able to mutter one-syllable words. She could talk at home before the incarceration and sometimes in several sentences at once.

If she sometimes felt too weak to speak, she was still able to make herself understood.

We know that shortly after the incarceration, she was able to say she didn’t want to be at Hammel, that she wanted to go home and that” they were killing her”.

She has been held at the center for 11 months. In that time she can still not walk, she has gone from being able to mutter a few words (like “you are killing me / I slår ihjel mig”), to not speaking but would occasionally utter one-syllable words.

After reading the article about the young lady in England who has ME (Jessica Taylor from The World of One Room), the family does not have any doubts Karina’s condition has deteriorated after the incarceration. This is to the point that she does not recognize her own family. 

In the two times her sister Janni had visited Karina, there was no recognition in Karina’s eyes. Janni found this shocking and sad.

Karina has had some visits from an extended family member, whom she did not see at all when she was sick for so long at home. These visitations have occurred on the request of Nils Balle Christensen, without asking Karina.

Karina may not have been able to speak during these visits.

The book “Severe ME” by Greg Crowhurst, describes the symptoms of severe ME:

‘To not understand, not be able to explain, not be able to formulate words, not be able to perceive, not be able to express yourself, speak, describe in full, identify the fears of the reality you’re in, in the shaky, noise reality in your central nervous system, which is the cause of the extremely destructive chaos in your head and body’

This is exactly how we imagine it is for Karina.

Merete Stubkjær revealed on the meeting of 27th August, that they do not know if Karina is thinking thoughts – common thoughts. At home, Karina was thinking normally and was also able to express her thoughts.

So has she deteriorated to the point where she can’t make sense of anything that anyone is saying to her?

To the point that she doesn’t understand questions and can’t recognize faces?

Is her automatic response ‘no’ because that is all she can utter?

Or is it because she knows that a “no” could be a chance to escape one of the many daily demands put upon her, that pushes her way over ME limits and exacerbates her symptoms even more?

All involved members of the staff are listening to what Nils Balle Christensen, Per Fink and the team think, believe and want to try out. They believe Karina can persuade herself to get better. If this was the case then she would have been out of the clinic months ago, to be home with her loving family.

Karina’s family and supporters are not giving up the fight to get Karina back to where she belongs!

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Blogging about life in the slow lane with an invisible, chronic illness. I wasn't always a sick chick so this is somewhat of a life changing experience!

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