The Adventures of Anna Jones – A weekend away

Everything is complicated these days, or rather, nothing is straightforward, so planning a weekend away requires near-military precision. Apparently it has become a bit like taking a newborn baby away on holiday…with all of the paraphernalia that comes with it! 
Last weekend my sister, cousins and I went away for the night to celebrate my youngest cousin’s birthday. 
Little Miss Organised 
It was me who booked the hotel online and I was ‘with it’ enough to be trusted to do so. This in itself is a huge achievement and shows huge progress! 
In keeping with the ‘Three Ps’ that were drilled into me by the CFS/ME clinic (plan, pace, prioritise) I wrapped the present three weeks in advance! My clothes were chosen and laid out days before.
I needed to consciously control any nerves and excitement by not thinking too far ahead. It takes the enjoyment out of things but it’s necessary if I want to give myself a chance of being well enough to last a whole weekend. The mere task of keeping a tabs of nerves and excitement is an exhausting! Life with M.E. isn’t very straightforward *chuckle*
It ended up being a busy week. Too busy really but it couldn’t be helped and life doesn’t just wait while I have a breather. Perhaps it helped keep my mind off the ‘enormous task’ ahead. 
Delivery Service 
A weekend away requires planning. Lots of planning. It is a huge undertaking, although it’s much more straightforward than it once was. But we make it work for me and make it as spoonie friendly as possible. I have the support of my family and friends and without them I wouldn’t even be able to entertain the idea of a getaway. While Not-so-big Sis and my cousins went earlier in the day to hit the shops, I went straight to the hotel thanks to my parents. The journey took less than an hour and we didn’t  have the radio or any music on, plus my mum reminds my chatterbox dad that some breaks in the conversation are ideal for me! 
Instead of dropping me at the door, they carried my bags and helped me get checked in. I can get confused about money and instructions and probably wouldn’t have remembered the directions the receptionist have me to find my room. I then had some Purple Time while I waited for the girls. 
Moulding to M.E. 
I had my own room, as I have done on the other occasions I’ve been away, but it ended up being a connecting room with the others so it was the best of both worlds. It allows me to rest properly and if I have trouble sleeping I won’t disturb anyone else, and they won’t disturb me when I need complete silence. It’s selfish (and expensive) but necessary. 

One of the girls stayed and chatted with me while the others made good use of the hotel swimming pool. I felt it wasn’t the right time to see if I can still swim… 

I didn’t have enough spoons to change into my chosen evening outfit but the main thing was that I was there; I’d made it! And I got to celebrate my cousin’s birthday with her. 
I didn’t have enough spare spoons to take many photos either, which many of you will know is most unlike me! 
I obviously used the lift instead of the stairs and even the elevator phobic members of our little group came with me. That’s love! 
Ready for the next morning, I set an alarm for hours earlier than I’m usually able to wake up. I needed to do this so that by the time we went down to breakfast I would (hopefully) have come out of the zombie-like state that so many of us sufferers are stuck in when we first wake up. 
It is frustrating that nothing can be enjoyed as it was before because I have to concentrate so hard on ‘getting through’ each mini task or part of the day. And knowing that some people feel responsible for me and feel they are babysitting is also something I’d quite happily live without. My ill health eats away at their enjoyment too because they have to make so many allowances for me. Alas I am so lucky that, after three years, I am still included and loved and cared for and supported.
When I sat in my hotel bed that night I couldn’t help but smile knowing that my ultimate favourite girls were right next door and that I’d actually managed a weekend away with them.


I was away from home for less than 24 hours and I am suffering as a result but let’s not talk about the payback. It shouldn’t be allowed to take away from a lovely weekend with my ultimate favourites.   

Day 3 post-adventure. Happy chappy!
Previous Adventures of Anna Jones
Both of my previous Weekend Away Adventures were with a couple of my favourite uni girls. On both occasions I stayed away for two nights no travelled furthers rom home. Again, without my parents’ I wouldn’t have been able to go. 

Reading 2011 and Cardiff 2012

When I went to Cardiff my parents tied the trip in with their half term holiday because I wasn’t well enough to travel on a coach with the other girls. They drove me down to Gloucestershire the week before I was meeting my friends in the Welsh capital to allow me to recover from the bulk of the journey. They also stayed in Cardiff incase of an emergency! 

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