Little things make a big difference

All a bit short and sweet this week.

The fatigue is perhaps the worst symptom at the moment. I’ve been drinking green tea after it was suggested to me but after an acute worsening of the nausea, and nearly throwing up the other day, I’ve decided it’s perhaps not for me. I’m doing okay. Feeling brighter again and plodding along through the wretchedness of M.E.

I have made many adaptions to my life in the last few years, all with the aim of making my life that little bit easier. There’s the stool in the shower to sit on while I get sparkling clean, the drastic cropped hair, moving my bedroom down to the dining room for quite a while, buying Wesley, and then Wendoline, the wheelchairs…

To save my legs from constantly going up and down the stairs all day, which is neither sensible nor achievable for me anymore, I have introduced myself to The Day Bag.

What a wonderful introduction it has been!

Having everything I need with me means I don’t have to worry about trekking back upstairs during the day. I can now manage to use the stairs, up and down, maybe twice a day. I bring everything I need downstairs with me, only going back upstairs to shower and change (on the better days) and then to go to bed at nighttime. It’s a system and routine that works well for me. In the evenings I stock up with drinks in my flasks (this also saves me from spilling drink all over my bed or the floor…or myself!)

When I first moved back upstairs to my bedroom my Day Bag contained a hell of a lot more than it does today. It had my towel (to have a shower down here), my clothes (so I could change downstairs) and the toiletries and whatever else I’d needed.

Now it has notebooks, my diary, my purse (for online shopping!), my medication, my retro mobile phone, iPad, drinks bottles, my disabled badge (for those very rare impromptu trips out), snacks…everything I might possible need for an exciting day downstairs 😉 It is much easier to have all of these things in a bag rather than trying to carry them in a pile and navigate my way downstairs, especially when Mr Brain likes to think we’ve been playing Dizzy Dinosaurs all night! My sister treated me to a lovely bag that has been affectionately named my Day Bag. It amuses people to see me wandering around the house with it. I feel a bit like the Queen. You never see her without her bag either…

Published by Anna Redshaw

Blogging about life in the slow lane with an invisible, chronic illness. I wasn't always a sick chick so this is somewhat of a life changing experience!

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