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I find today’s photo most amusing! Look at my face in the second one! Hahaha! I couldn’t even smile. The photos were taken within a few hours of each other. I’d been out to catch-up with a friend. Perhaps it highlights how quickly things can change with this condition. I obviously felt poorly when they were both taken (you might have noticed it from my eyes in the first photo) but I was certainly feeling worse in the second one! It was one of those times where you can’t possibly imagine another human being ever feeling worse than you do right now. It’s probably not funny at all really but it was a laugh or cry moment. I chose to laugh…well I would have if I’d had enough energy.

Anyway I’ve gone off topic before I’ve even started. This post isn’t a long one because, as always, my health must come first and my body is flagging…

I have a problem with people or organisations who prey on us vulnerable and incredibly poorly folk.

I’m not going to name names or treatments but I will say this. If there was a cure for M.E there would be no M.E sufferers. What sort of person takes advantage of such poorly individuals who are beyond desperate for a cure? Perhaps I’m being too harsh. Perhaps they really do feel they can help and they want to make a positive difference…

But you should hear the hope in my grandparents’ voices when they read in the paper about there being a ‘cure for chronic fatigue syndrome.’ All you have to do is pay some prat hundreds of pounds for them to then tell you it that, if the treatment is unsuccessful, it was your own fault for not wanting to get better. I admit there are supplements and remedies that may help ease symptoms for many of us but there is no definitive treatment. not yet anyway. And don’t get me started on how exercise is still being prescribed by uneducated medical practitioners. Yes exercise is proven to help some health conditions and I’m sure the serotonin released would feel lovely jubbly, but M.E, as I’ve said before, is a condition that is the exception to nearly every rule.

I feel that these ‘cures’ and the fact that we aren’t all jumping up and down to take advantage of them is partly to blame for why we get such bad press. It looks like we aren’t bothering to get better and instead we’re turning away offers of treatment and help.

I am willing to try anything to get better. Of course I am. One has to be open minded with such a condition. But within reason…

Published by Anna Redshaw

Blogging about life in the slow lane with an invisible, chronic illness. I wasn't always a sick chick so this is somewhat of a life changing experience!

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