Birthday girl!

Another year older and wiser!

Yesterday was my 24th birthday. Happy birthday to me! I was made to feel incredibly special and loved with a huge pile of cards and presents and messages and texts. There was also a lot of cake, and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT! Like a trooper I am slowly working my way through it…

To celebrate I have managed to catch up with friends over the last couple of weekends which has been lovely. On Tuesday I made a short visit to the family I used to nanny for which was wonderful too. This weekend I am seeing more friends. Yes, yes this is overdoing it! But if you can’t bend the rules a little on your birthday then when can you? The basics of my M.E rehab are still in place and I am trying to celebrate in an as M.E friendly way as possible…if such a thing exists.

Yesterday I had a party! Not a party in the usual, normal sense, but a virtual party so that even I, and my poorly friends, could attend. I invited my facebook friends to join me in having a cuppa and a slice of cake at some point during the day. All they then had to do was post a picture on the event page of them joining in with the festivities. Over thirty of my friends joined me. I had been at home on my own while everyone was at work and didn’t want to open my presents by myself, but having the online party made me feel like I wasn’t completely on my lonesome.

It wasn’t the poorliest of days but I didn’t feel too clever either. The online party allowed me to celebrate in a way that was much more manageable. It may have seemed pathetic or sad for a person to be spending their birthday online but, like other areas of my life, I had to embrace it because M.E does not allow me to always celebrate in more conventional ways. I will admit I didn’t feel as if it was my birthday. I didn’t do anything particularly different from a usual, normal day. This week my symptoms have left me feeling quite ‘out of it’ and I felt a little flat when I realised that this is my third birthday where I have been poorly. Still, I am so much better than I was on my 22nd birthday so it can’t be all bad. And I wasn’t stuck in bed like I am today. What more can a girl really ask for on her birthday? 🙂 Judging by how horrendous I feel today, it seems even virtual parties and this silly illness shouldn’t mix.

I was a very lucky girl (or do I have to say woman now?!) and so many of my family and friends embraced the virtual party with me. I spent the evening with my parents and all of my siblings eating my favourite food and more cake than I probably should have!

So thank you all. You made me feel extremely loved and reminded me how lucky I am to have you. To my family and friends, old and new, healthy, poorly or otherwise, I love you all for going along with my virtual birthday and for the amazing messages, photos, cards and presents. xoxo

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