What to expect when travelling using Special Assistance

I wish I’d had a breakdown of what to expect when getting through an airport before I did it for the first time in January 2016. Of course I had a whole heap of advice from friends who had gone adventuring abroad with the help of Special Assistance. But I’ve written this post for anyone,Continue reading “What to expect when travelling using Special Assistance”

Jennifer Brea: What happens when you have a disease doctors can’t diagnose

I cannot stress how wonderful it would be if you could set aside just 17 minutes of your day to watch Jennifer Brea’s TED talk on myalgic encephalomyelitis. I have included the link below.   Jennifer Brea: TED talk   Watch it and the share it far and wide.   Thank you, Anna

Severe M.E. Awareness Day

I rarely ask you or pester you directly to read my posts or to share my links. It’s not my style. But would you do it for me this time? I get that it’s a lot to ask. There is still a stigma surrounding those two letters M and E and you might not want toContinue reading “Severe M.E. Awareness Day”

The External Effects

This isn’t a pity party or my attempt at fishing for compliments. I’d hope by now you’d know that’s not my way. This is merely the truth as I see it today.  The external impact of chronic illness is something I had not anticipated or even considered. In many ways I am more comfortable inContinue reading “The External Effects”

The Fear

I imagine it’s hard for a parent to hear their child say that they’re feeling so poorly they worry they won’t wake up tomorrow; that they feel so poorly they’re scared that they might die in their sleep. There are no tears or hysterics when I say this to my parents. Just a matter-of-fact statement indicatingContinue reading “The Fear”


NB. If I was reading this out loud I might get a bit ‘shouty’.   I am developing quite a large chip on my shoulder and it is all your fault. Well society’s fault really but let’s not waste time splitting hairs. If I didn’t have the ‘M.E. label’ medical professionals would surely be atContinue reading “Stigma”