Social/Physical Isolation Survival Tips

I joked recently to my family and friends via text message that if anyone started getting ‘cabin fever’ or going ‘stir crazy’ with having to stay at home and remain isolated, that they should come to me for advice on how to cope. Nine and half years of (mostly) living within what are now theContinue reading “Social/Physical Isolation Survival Tips”

We are Less (at least to Them)

I have always known that society views me as Less. I have always known that those of us with unconventional, chronic health issues are ignored and shoved out-of-sight and out-of-mind. I have always known that society views me as a burden their tax deductions must pay for. I have always known that in making aContinue reading “We are Less (at least to Them)”

How does the virtual tea party work?

You’ll probably have heard by now that I’m getting organised for my M.E. awareness week tea party already. Alongside the Real Life event in Stamford, Lincolnshire (please do get in touch for more information if you’d like to join me in person) I will again be hosting a virtual tea party online. It’s quite simpleContinue reading “How does the virtual tea party work?”