Fundraising Packs – available from 4th March at 12pm

Fundraising Packs for Blue Sunday 2023

❗️Available from 4th March at 12pm

I’m so delighted to share that Hannah at Sunshine Makes and Bakes Sunshine makes and bakes has worked her magic again and has created the loveliest Fundraising Pack for your Tea Parties For M.E. to use on Blue Sunday.

As we’ve done in previous years, we wanted to give you a heads up about the packs before they become available.

  1. What’s in the pack?

x1 set of bunting
x6 Edible cupcake toppers
x1 Large cake topper
x1 Fact sheet about Blue Sunday
x1 coaster
x2 mini badges
x2 paper napkins

  1. When can I get my hands on one?

The packs will be available to buy from 12pm on Saturday 4th March.

There are a limited number and they sell really, really quickly! So be sure to set yourself a reminder if you don’t want to miss out.

  1. Why so far in advance of Blue Sunday?

So that you’ll have everything you need to start planning your Tea Party For M.E.

But also because Hannah (our lovely Fundraising Pack maker) and I both have M.E.

Enough recovery time after gargantuan task of packing, labelling, and posting the packs is factored in so that Hannah has the best chance of being back on her feet before the event itself in May.

  1. How much will they be?

£12, with packs limited to one per person. £5 from each pack goes to Action for M.E. Hannah’s chosen charity. Action for M.E.

We understand that this is more expensive than previous years. The cost of supplies have risen, and postal costs have increased.

Purchasing a pack means you have made your donation to Blue Sunday and there is no need to donate again when the event comes around in May.

  1. How do I buy one?

Message Hannah on social media from 12pm on 4th March 2023.

  1. Are they limited to U.K. postal addresses again?

Yes. Postal costs and the logistics of two poorly people trying to ship things abroad with the changes Brexit has brought makes it so.

  1. For international Tea Party Goers & anyone who misses out on a Fundraising Pack

Downloadable items – release date TBC

I’m so excited to share that this year there are items that can be purchased, downloaded, and printed in your own home.

The Blue Sunday leaflet will remain free of charge, but other items like invitations can be purchased for a small fee and you can print off as many copies as you like.

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