An update on Adult Social Care

It’s been a long week.

I found out that the financial contribution to my ‘care’ is increasing due to “policy changes”. From £0 per week, to £22.46 per week. That might not sound like very much, but as someone on Disability Benefits (who cannot legally have savings over £6000 – as if I could save that much anyway!), almost £90 a month is a lot of money.

I can’t afford it. People like me cannot afford it. This government… I just can’t.

I am lucky that I can probably muddle through; my mum can pop in when she can, my mother-in-law can do the same. But how many of my online friends don’t have that luxury or that option.

How many will lose their care because the Tories would rather take money from those us of who have so little, than tax their millionaire friends…

I feel really low about this.

Because of the way the benefits system is, it strengthens my claim to stress how I qualify for social care & receive it. The DWP won’t care that I still qualify but can no longer receive it due to the cost. The effects of this “policy change” impact so much more than just my care

There are people who will affected by these changes (I’ve heard from others who have received news of increases of hundreds of pounds) who live alone or are more reliant on care than I am. This is wrong.

It feels incredibly degrading to reply to the “Financial Support Officer” regarding my Adult Social Care to tell them I cannot afford to contribute the £22.46 per week.

If I had more fight left in me I’d go to the local papers and my MP, if only to highlight what’s going on. But for now I feel too low and beaten down about the system and what is happening to those most vulnerable.

By the way, I only receive 3 hours per week in social care support. (To have more support would actually be detrimental to my health as stimulation ie someone in the house is HARD.) I dread to think what people who receive more than 3 hours are being asked to contribute.

I’m concerned about those who rely on carers to literally feed them. To administer their medication. To change catheters. To survive. People are going to lose their care because of “policy changes” that see an increase in care contributions that vulnerable people cannot afford. And people should know about this.

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