I need your help…

The countdown to this year’s M.E. awareness week is well and truly on.

Every year at my Blue Sunday tea party I make information leaflets to go on each table and fact cards to place around the room. This year will be no different but I’d like your help in going a little further.

Raising true and accurate awareness is why I started the tea party and every year I try to keep this up. With this in mind I’d like to have examples of the ignorance we have faced as M.E. sufferers.

So I ask you to complete this sentence:

Ignorance towards M.E. is…

Be it comments from family members questioning how one day you can do x y and z and yet the next you can do very little, medical professionals belittling your most terrifying symptoms or strangers in the street objecting to you using a Blue Disabled Badge. You can remain anonymous or I can attach your name.

Please do get in touch. Blue Sunday is for you.

Published by Anna Redshaw

Blogging about life in the slow lane with an invisible, chronic illness. I wasn't always a sick chick so this is somewhat of a life changing experience!

7 thoughts on “I need your help…

  1. Ignorance to M.E. Is a good friend repeatedly saying you’ve been misdiagnosed and that you need to stop sleeping so much

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  2. Ignorance towards M.E is… NICE taking 2 years to review guidelines while leaving GET and CBT as the only advisable treatment options for GPs to give us, despite ample evidence of it causing irreversable harm to most patients. 😦

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  3. Ignorance towards M.E by “highly educated medical professionals” in this day and age is dispicable and unforgivable, they should be pushing for awareness and research, not us the sick patients. To then have the Government (clearly specialists in the field of M.E) dictating that we should be labelled MUS and refused treatment or investigations makes me feel sick to my stomach.

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