Anna Abroad! Outward Bound – Aeroplane & Taxi Tales

Gatwick to Malaga. 11am but delayed until 12pm.

My grandparents and I had spoken about going on a cruise together in the hope that I might manage okay with everything being in one place. The main thing that put me off was that although everyone assured me you couldn’t feel the boat move, I was pretty sure I would because I have become so in tune and so alert and so sensitive to the slightest thing. Funny how I hadn’t thought the same about being on a plane!

Up in the clouds!

Despite there being no turbulence I felt like I was on a fairground ride! Every little dip and bump made my stomach lurch, a bit like when you drive fast over a hump bridge. Mr Tree Surgeon felt it too at times so it wasn’t just me.

I managed to read my book for a lot of the flight which was lovely because I can never do that in a moving car without feeling sick. 

I’d been awake since 7:15am and by 1:30pm my eyes were stinging with tiredness. The pressure change didn’t feel great and I felt like my head might explode. It’s not an uncommon feeling when suffering with M.E. but it seemed more pronounced during the flight. 

I kept my ear defenders on because the engine was loud to me, particularly at take off. 

As we flew with British Airways we got a complimentary drink and sandwich. I skipped the drink because I already needed the loo but did eat. I’m not on a restricted diet at the moment but if I was I think I’d have taken my own food or gone without. There was a gluten free option though. 

I made a point of not looking behind me so I didn’t feel overwhelmed by the number of people in such a small space.

After the (almost) two hour flight, we waited until everyone else had got off the plane before we did. My wheelchair was ready and waiting for me as we got off! Yay! One of the air stewardesses came over to check we were okay and knew where we had to go. We didn’t, so a member of the Special Assistance team at Malaga airport led us through to baggage collection . We got to bypass the hustle and bustle and went through secure areas instead. VIP treatment! 

Baggage collection was straightforward. We loaded my suitcase onto my lap again, much to the other passengers’ amusement, and headed off in the direction of the taxi bays.

To round our airport experience off nicely I was nearly squashed by a massive, temperamental automatic door on the way out of the terminal! Luckily Mr Tree Surgeon has speedy reflexes!

There was no queue at the taxi rank and with Mr Tree Surgeon speaking Spanish like a pro we got everything loaded up, eventually, and set off on the 15 minute drive to Monte Sancha. Our lovely host was ready and waiting for us and even helped Mr Tree Surgeon get all of the luggage up the hill. I walked that little bit after needed to stretch my legs and wanting to give Mr Tree Surgeon a break! 

And the view when we finally got into the apartment after a day of travelling was well worth it!

Monte Sancha, Malaga

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Blogging about life in the slow lane with an invisible, chronic illness. I wasn't always a sick chick so this is somewhat of a life changing experience!

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