Outfit of the Day spoonie-style

There are so many bloggers out there who now make their living by telling people what it is that they’re wearing. I won’t lie, I don’t quite get it. I mean good on them for seizing the opportunity but, personally, I’m more than capable of choosing clothes from my wardrobe without needing to search for inspiration online. Millions and millions of people are using the Outfit of the Day hashtag (#ootd) online. I just don’t get it. I suppose it’s like the selfie phenomenon but you’ll know by now that I’m no stranger to that. Sorry! Aren’t we a self obsessed lot?! 

But if outfits of the day or ootd is what the public wants then that is what the public shall get, spoonie-style. (If you’re unsure about what as ‘spoonie’ is read The Spoon Theory.)

So today…
Today’s OOTD, was also yesterday’s OOTD. And the day before that’s…
My scruffy-looking t-shirt is from New Look. It was clean on yesterday. It’s lightweight and too big so as near to perfect as I can get it. Body doesn’t get on well with certain fabrics anymore, even 100% cotton doesn’t seem to make it happy. According to the label, this is 65% polyester 35% cotton. 

Today’s trousers are also yesterday’s trousers, and the day before that’s… Infact they’re not trousers at all. They’re pyjamas and I’ve been wearing them day and night. And, as we’re now firm friends, I won’t lie to you. My pants aren’t just today’s either… 

Recently I discovered headscarves. They’re cooler than my usual hats and still help ease the feeling I get that can only be likened to being whacked on the back of the head with a shovel. Today’s scarf is from Fat Face and is bright and colourful enough to not blend in completely with my pale face. They also hide greasy, unwashed, tufty hair. A tip from me to you.

This fetching, grey jumper is right up there with my favourite navy huge one that I’m sure you’ll have seen in photos before now. It was from H&M a while ago and, like most of my clothes now, was bought two sizes too big for extra comfort. The baggier the jumper, the easier it is for me, or someone else, to get it off when my temperature rockets within a matter of seconds. 

Underwear. Well, with the chest pain underwired bras aren’t really an option anymore. I’m practically an ironing board in that department anyway so no matter. And I’m sure the ladies will agree with me that bras are saved for the days when you’re reentering The Real World, or for when you have visitors, if they’re lucky! I’ve gone old school and invested in some crop top type monstrosities though. M&S underwear all the way; ginormous knickers and all!  

Snail socks are today’s choice. 

What could be more appropriate? Tortoise? I have a pair of them too. I am yet to find a pair of sloth socks. If you ever see any please let me know! 

Zero jewellery today, not even stud earrings as sometimes Body (or rather my immune system) decides it doesn’t like earrings anymore. So demanding!

And while we’re at it, there is no beauty regime. I wash my face with a wet wipe if I don’t have enough energy to wash it with water. There’s never any moisturiser or day cream. That requires energy I just don’t have. I do still use deodorant though, mostly. 

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So the spoonie ‘O.O.T.D.’ isn’t quite as glamorous as the usual blog posts you see on the topic, and after the revelation about my dirty underwear I can’t image they’ll be requests for more posts like this. 

When I’m well enough I swap pyjamas for comfortable clothes. But there’s been more than a few pyjama days so far this year. And I’m sure I would ‘feel better’ if I was clean but next time you change from your clothes to your pyjamas, or vice versa, stop to think about how much your body is actually doing; how much energy it is actually using. The energy supply of a spoonie is dramatically reduced. We save our energy for chewing, swallowing, circulating blood, surviving…

Published by Anna Redshaw

Blogging about life in the slow lane with an invisible, chronic illness. I wasn't always a sick chick so this is somewhat of a life changing experience!

7 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day spoonie-style

  1. Hello!
    Without sounding like a total fangirl I love your blog and energy.
    Your cheerful vibes in your writing is so refreshing after reading and hearing so many others drone on about the negatives. I, myself have m.e/CFS/fibro and am housebound so can relate to this so much. Thank you for lifting my spirits!


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