Record breaker

Ladies and gentlemen, momentous things have happened this week. 

There have been:-

  • four days of driving (not driving solidly for four days, you understand.)
  • a whole week and a half of managing to shower every evening
  • nearly a week of getting dressed out of my pyjamas every day

But what I really wanted to tell you is…

Drum roll please…

I have been eating my dinner AT THE TABLE and WITH A KNIFE AND FORK! 
Ta da! *Curtseys graciously* 

Were you expecting something a little more exciting? Ha! Welcome to our world my friend. 

Sitting at the table to eat has become a huge achievement. It is so much harder than you’d think. For one, I’m not able to put my feet up so I can suddenly become lightheaded or dizzy because my blood has decided it doesn’t want to flow properly anymore. It’s hotter in the kitchen and I already get hot enough after I’ve eaten, for some reason. It’s also noisier, especially with a family of (sometimes) six, so there’s the chat and the clatter of plates and the banging of cupboard drawers to get more cutlery…

At mealtimes I mostly sit on the sofa with my feet up and somebody brings me my meal on a tray, like the Queen of Sheba. I have my food cut up for me, even my lovely friends have done this for me if we’re out for a meal, and I usually eat out of a bowl using a spoon because it is somehow easier and less messy! 

Eating itself can be exhausting so it has been an absolute godsend to have my family around and willing to adapt mealtimes to meet my new, almost childlike, needs.

This week has been different though. I have eaten at the table for six evenings in a row! Six! Not only that but I used a knife and folk and on one occasion it had a plate instead of a bowl and cut up my own food. 

No biggie

I haven’t managed to sit at the table more than once or twice a month so this is definitely a new record. 

Off I go to fill in a Guiness World Record application form! 

Published by Anna Redshaw

Blogging about life in the slow lane with an invisible, chronic illness. I wasn't always a sick chick so this is somewhat of a life changing experience!

One thought on “Record breaker

  1. Go Anna, that's brilliant, im delighted for you, its the small acheivements that all added together made things better, its slow and steady wins the race and one step forward and not wishing you any backwards,


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