Yesterday the pain is my hands was pretty bad and so I was unable to type properly and upload a post. Today it is a little better.

Everybody has aches and pains at one point or another, but with this condition it is yet another symptom to contend with. Pain-wise I know that I get off lightly compared to many others with M.E. Joint pain is extremely common and I think I feel this mostly in my knees. I also feel it in my ankles, hands, shoulders…

Headaches are common too, as they are for so many people, but I would say I experience more sharp pains in my head than the usual headaches I would get every now and then before I was ill. I was prone to migraines too, but I have experienced very few since having M.E. Every cloud…

My collar bone is an area where I experience the most pain I think. It feels like the muscle is being torn away from the bone. A very unpleasant, and painful, feeling. Luckily for me this does not tend to happen everyday but for other sufferers the pain is ever-present. 

Stomach pain is common for me. I am in the process of altering my diet to see if this can help the problem. (I will tackle diet another day!) The pain is often so severe that I feel the need to double-over, but I am too weak and fatigued to do so most of the time. Instead I have learnt to simply remain calm, control my breathing and try not to panic until the worst is over. 

I have been told that the pain isn’t doing my body any harm. My brain is merely confused and getting the wrong signals. In a way I suppose I am not in pain, my brain has just convinced itself that it is. 

My body doesn’t seem to cope well with pain. I think it has something to do with adrenaline. My body seems to become overwhelmed by all that is going on and that writes me off. If I have a mouth ulcer or my wisdom teeth are starting to come through, my body turns into zombie mode. I notice it in my legs most of all…they become even weaker than usual and I am zapped of any energy I may have had. 

Published by Anna Redshaw

Blogging about life in the slow lane with an invisible, chronic illness. I wasn't always a sick chick so this is somewhat of a life changing experience!

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