Anna Abroad! Outward Bound – The Airport

Flight details: 4th January 2016. 11am. Gatwick, London to Malaga, Spain Airline: British Airways Parking To try and reduce the amount of stress I was under on the day we had stayed at a hotel 5 minutes away from the airport terminal. We wanted to get to the airport for 9am which was no mean feat forContinue reading “Anna Abroad! Outward Bound – The Airport”

The Adventures of Anna Jones – Catching up with Cara

The journey  At the moment I am apparently doing okay with car journeys. This isn’t always the case. It’s incredibly hit and miss. We had the sat nav, a map, and written instructions.  Chief Navigator! Usually I don’t have to use any energy navigating. My wonderful parents have acted as my chauffeurs since The Beginning.Continue reading “The Adventures of Anna Jones – Catching up with Cara”