M.E. myself and him – Part 3

First Dates I don’t want to go over old ground too much. I mentioned our first date in Dear Diary, I’m going on a date! 2nd Date Our second date had to be slightly unconventional too, just as our first time meeting had been. I wasn’t well (well I never am but hopefully you getContinue reading “M.E. myself and him – Part 3”

9 Things My Chronic Illness Has Affected

What I wear On certain days I can’t muster the physical strength to get dressed. On other days I am restricted by what kind of fabrics my skin can tolerate. I do though have an array of more colourful clothes, to help liven up the hardest days. What I eat I’ve experienced an intolerance toContinue reading “9 Things My Chronic Illness Has Affected”

M.E. myself and him – Part 2

A brief background I was single when I became ill and I remained that way for the first four years, the most severe years, of my M.E. journey. I was living at home with my parents and youngest brother. I rarely tasted independence. Even when driven the ten minutes or so to see friends, myContinue reading “M.E. myself and him – Part 2”