Chipper Tuesday + Lipstick Tuesday ‘The Revival’

Lipstick Tuesdays Many moons ago, my friend Cara and I started something we called ‘Lipstick Tuesdays’. Anyone been around long enough to remember? Well I’ve brought it back! Let’s face it. Life will chronic illness can be rather dull. And monotonous. And boring. There is often not a lot to look forward to. And whenContinue reading “Chipper Tuesday + Lipstick Tuesday ‘The Revival’”

Analysis & Acceptance from Others

Just acknowledging that this is a relapse has taken some kind of pressure off to get back to ‘my normal’. In theory I’m no longer fighting thoughts about what kind of day I’ll wake up to tomorrow because I’m accepting that it will be a day very similar to the one I’ve just experienced, ie.Continue reading “Analysis & Acceptance from Others”