Blue Sunday Instagram Giveaway. Coming soon!

ON INSTAGRAM ONLYUK ONLY Something lovely about Blue Sunday is that holding a Giveaway allows people with M.E. to showcase their handmade creations, often a product of the small businesses they have crafted around the restrictions of their health. Once again, prizes have been handmade by people with M.E. (except for the Sophie Allport goodiesContinue reading “Blue Sunday Instagram Giveaway. Coming soon!”

May is M.E. Awareness Month, and it’s my 11th one…

I’ve got to be honest, I feel less inclined, with each passing year to attempt to raise awareness during May in the ways that I used to. The vast majority of people remain unaware of the reality of M.E, and many have never even heard of it. Of the minority that have come across it,Continue reading “May is M.E. Awareness Month, and it’s my 11th one…”

You’re invited – Sunday 15th May

Please save, and share, and spread the word. Whether you’re having a little tea party for one, planning a video call with friends, or getting your family together, you’ll be so welcome on Blue Sunday. Here’s how to join in: • Buy a fundraising pack or napkin set from @sunshinemakesandbakes when they become available tomorrow.Continue reading “You’re invited – Sunday 15th May”

Letting it sink in

My husband said something to someone the other day that really made me stop and think: “Before Anna started Blue Sunday there wasn’t actually anything like this for M.E. awareness or fundraising.” I forget that. Yeah, that’s pretty cool isn’t it? Millions Missing came after, and what came before didn’t unite multiple charities or causes.Continue reading “Letting it sink in”