Blue Sunday Donations


Every year people use Blue Sunday as an opportunity to donate to an M.E. charity or cause. Since 2013 I have personally fundraised for the ME Association, but this year I’d like to reach as many charities as possible whilst keeping track of the total amount donated.

I’ve compiled a list of donation pages to make it easier for you to donate, and easier for me to keep track of our total amount raised on Blue Sunday.

Please know that this is not a complete list of all M.E. causes. I am but one poorly person who has done their best, with the very limited energy and function that they have, to put this together. Apologies to anyone who doesn’t find their chosen cause listed below. Please still donate to them, and if possible, let me know you have.

The U.K.

Action for ME Forward ME Collaborative member, driving force behind the DecodeME DNA study

The ME Association Forward ME Collaborative member

ME Research UK Forward ME Collaborative member

Invest in ME Research

The ME Trust – Please make reference to Blue Sunday in the description or comments box so the charity can let me know your donation was for the tea party for M.E.

Smile For ME – Sending ‘smiles’ to those who live with M.E. to brighten their days. Please make reference to Blue Sunday when completing the donation form.

Tymes Trust an invaluable support to families of younger people with M.E. Donations via PayPal. Please make reference to Blue Sunday if possible.


South Africa

United States

Support groups and Clinics

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